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DeepTech Ventures is here to close the gap between the promise of Web3 and a reality where users can finally call the internet 'ours to own.'

DeepTech Ventures is here to close the gap between the promise of Web3, the third generation of the internet, and a reality where users can finally call the internet 'ours to own.' The Web2 of today is slowly unravelling. This evolution from a privately owned internet of data hoarding platforms, to a world where people can be in control of their data, identity, and destiny, is a huge opportunity. Entire billion-dollar industries - from finance, gaming, art, and more - are being transformed. As investment pioneers, DeepTech Ventures is giving an intrepid community the resources to become an established industry with the power to change the world. For Web3 to truly come alive, its layered and fragmented infrastructure needs reinforcing and fusing together. Imagine information that can be stored, accessed, and shared between tiers, free from the prying eyes of profiteering platforms. For the architects and builders of the internet of tomorrow this is a playground of infinite programming possibility.

This is why we dare to invest in the power of possible. Our approach is twofold.

We support visionaries to build a robust Web3 framework, across the entire tech stack. So that data can flow safely and surely between ecosystem players. From the networks, to the nodes, to the rules governing indexing, sorting, movement and displaying of information. All the way to the software and apps that interpret this raw data, as usable gold that benefits the users who own the data lifeblood of the internet. We also fund specific protocols and apps with the potential to shake up their industry or create entire new markets. In this brave new world, users become tokenholders collectively governing - and reaping the rewards as the internet edges closer to becoming 'ours to own'.

Post investment we actively participate in the collective endeavour of building out Web3: We take part in the governance and securing of networks we invest in so the protocols can become sustainable. We spin up nodes to provide computational power and data storage that contributes toward a truly decentralised web where users also provide the infrastructure that gets rid of data silos. As true believers in the Web3 promise, we also scour the ecosystem and invest our personal money in the spirit of playfulness and experimentation that got blockchain to where it is.

Join us on this journey to make the internet 'ours to own'.

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