What Happens When Cryptocurrencies Earn Interest?

Of all of the disruptive possible uses of blockchain, decentralized finance (or DeFi) might be the one most likely to bring this technology to a wide audience.

Feb 23, 2021


What will it take for centralized finance to embrace decentralized finance?

Centralized finance can successfully integrate with DeFi through utilizing services like Codefi's Universal Token for Assets and Payments.

Feb 1, 2021


The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs

Maybe you’re a skeptic, a believer, or perhaps you still don’t really know what exactly a non-fungible token is. In any case, this post is for you!

Jan 10, 2021


DEFI 2020: Year in Review

The total value locked (TVL) in DeFi grew exponentially during 2020. With more than $14B TVL currently, this was a year of massive growth across all DeFi categories.

Dec 31, 2020


ETH 2.0: The Next Evolution of the Cryptoeconomy

An in-depth look at Ethereum’s most critical network upgrade to date.

Dec 1, 2020


Pass the Keys crowdfunding round surpasses £1m

Pass the Keys is a short-let property management company that provides homeowners with a hands-off approach to hosting on platforms such as Airbnb and

Sep 4, 2020


A new neural network could help computers code themselves

The tool spots similarities between programs to help programmers write faster and more efficient software.

Jul 29, 2020


Polkadot is live

Web3Foundation launched initial version of Polkadot after three years of development.

May 26, 2020


Reinforcement-learning AIs are vulnerable to a new kind of attack

Adversarial attacks against the technique that powers game-playing AIs and could control self-driving cars shows it may be less robust than we thought. 

Feb 28, 2020


Archilyse raises CHF 4 million Series A round

Archilyse makes architecture and real estate quality digitally and objectively measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody.

Feb 25, 2020


An idea from Physics helps AI see in higher dimensions

Allowing computers to detect features in curved and higher-dimensional space.

Jan 9, 2020


Fixposition raises CHF 3.35 million seed round

Fixposition creates reliable, high-accuracy navigation sensors for autonomous robotic systems using satellite technology and advanced computer vision.

Dec 19, 2019


The Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition

Big shifts tend to happen slowly, then all at once.

Dec 13, 2019


The computing power needed to train AI is now rising seven times faster than ever before

An analysis from OpenAI shows how dramatically the need for computational resources has increased.

Nov 11, 2019


Building the AI-Powered Organization

Artificial intelligence is reshaping business - though not at the blistering pace many assume.

Jul 1, 2019


Artificial intelligence learns teamwork in a deadly game of capture the flag

One day it could help smart machines work with humans.

May 30, 2019


Google Could learn a lot about you from its new Gaming Platform

Stadia sounds great, but don’t forget that Google is a research company.

Apr 5, 2019


J.P. Morgan is using Ethereum to launch a ‘digital U.S. dollar’ – here’s what it means for blockchain

The payment rails of the future have arrived.

Feb 14, 2019


Welcome to Mirrorworld

The next all-powerful tech platform will be as big as the planet - merging our physical reality with the digital universe.

Feb 12, 2019



Earthpoint selling to Visa for £200 million to solve cross-border payments.

Jan 7, 2019


Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley

Shenzhen flooded the world with cheap gadgets. Can it now become what Silicon Valley never did – a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing?

Dec 18, 2018


Three Common Misconceptions about Synthetic and Anonymised Data

While there has been a lot of interest in synthetic data recently, we encountered different views on what type of data “synthetic data” actually refers to.

Nov 28, 2018


3Box Research: Comparing Distributed Databases GUN, OrbitDB, and Scuttlebutt

Similarities and differences between popular distributed database protocols.

Nov 27, 2018


Blockchain Use Cases and Applications by Industry

These major sectors are already deploying Enterprise Ethereum blockchain solutions to solve industry problems.

Nov 14, 2018


DeepTech Ventures AG and MAMA

DeepTech Ventures AG joins Multichain Asset Managers Association as a new member.

Oct 1, 2018


Why We Need Web 3.0

Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood on why today’s internet is broken – and how we can do better next time around.

Sep 12, 2018


Deep Tech Nation

Machines do it, people do it: generate data. It’s now about handling this commodity intelligently (page 43-46).

Sep 5, 2018


Tjoapack and Veratrak to launch blockchain tool for pharma sector

Dutch pharmaceutical packaging firm Tjoapack has collaborated with British technology company Veratrak to explore the use of blockchain across the pharmaceutical industry.

Aug 29, 2018


Block Collider

A New Approach to Blockchain Interoperability

Feb 12, 2018


Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble

Yes, it’s driven by greed – but the mania for cryptocurrency could wind up building something much more important than wealth.

Jan 16, 2018